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L3 EDD Merges CTL with San Carlos and Williamsport Factories

L3 Electron Devices has recognized that our operational effectiveness can be improved by consolidating resources. Therefore, over the rest of 2012 we will be transitioning the products presently manufactured in our CTL (California Tube Labs) factory in Watsonville, California to our factories in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and San Carlos, California. The military and industrial products will be manufactured in Williamsport; the linear accelerator, medical and scientific products will be manufactured in San Carlos. Our ultimate goal is to create a stronger organization that provides superior customer satisfaction.

Throughout and after the consolidation, our priority will be to continue to provide on-time delivery of high-quality products. Our transition plan is designed to minimize customer risk. At the new sites we will be producing magnetrons with no change in design, using the same procedures, the same processes, the same materials, and the same suppliers as CTL.

With almost fifty years of experience as a world-class supplier of magnetrons, our skilled and experienced workforce at our Williamsport and San Carlos facilities looks forward to supplying these products in the future.

FAQs on CTL Plant Closure