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FAQs on CTL Plant Closure

Consolidation always raises a number of customer questions; let us answer several of the most often asked below:

What will happen to my existing order?
There will be no changes in existing orders or contracts. Orders already received will be transferred to San Carlos or Williamsport and part or all of your current order may be shipped from either facility until early October.

Who can I contact to get more information regarding the consolidation?
For industrial and military coaxial products, please contact Buzz Miklos at 570-326-3561 ext. 201, cell 570-772-3563, joseph.miklos@L-3com.com. For linear accelerator, medical and scientific products, please contact Joe Emsley at 831-254-4664, joe.emsley@L-3com.com.  Phone calls to the CTL factory will soon be automatically forwarded to Williamsport until the end of 2012.

Will the transition affect my delivery schedule?
No. Sufficient inventory is being built in advance of the transition, and products will be built in both factories for a period of time.

Will the transfer have any effect on product quality?
No. We have been careful to preserve CTL’s design (including processes, procedures, material, and suppliers) and integrate it into the other factory. 

Will there be any changes to warranty or terms and conditions of sale?
No. All warranty obligations will remain unchanged.

How will I place a new order?
Please contact us. Orders can be placed in the same manner that you have done previously.

Where do I send my cores?
Effective immediately, industrial and military coaxial cores for rebuilding should be sent to the Williamsport facility and linear accelerator, medical and scientific product returns should be sent to the San Carlos factory. Please contact us for an RMA number and mark it clearly on the outside of the shipping container. 

L-3 Electron Devices, RMA-####
1035 Westminster Drive
Williamsport, PA 17701

L-3 Electron Devices, RMA-####
960 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070

How will I pay my bill?
The payment procedures remain unchanged.